Tim Gettys
Tim pic
Personal Details
From San Francisco, CA
Born June 30th, 1989
College SF State
Likes Mexican Coke, Power Rangers, Transformers, Digimon, The Fast And The Furious, Pokemon, Rap/Hip-Hop, Internet Culture
Dislikes Bumblebees
Quotes "Let Tim Host"

"I like that, I like that a lot"

As Business Operations Lead and Co-Founder of Kinda Funny, Tim is a pioneer in long-term income crowdfunding, fundamentally innovating how games media is produced, distributed, and monetized to support a thriving business with salaried employees. Formerly a popular Host/Producer at IGN, he now focuses on closing progressive sales deals, leveraging an industry-defining production studio to deliver seamless advertising to millions of monthly viewers in some of the world’s most popular podcasts.

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